The Zion Christian Nursery School is a church sponsored Nursery School and serves as an outreach to the community.  The program is designed to be developmentally appropriate for children while also providing the academics they will need for the future. The staff will help the child develop a sense of self-worth, an appreciation and respect of the uniqueness of others, and give the child the foundation needed for learning.  Children come together in an atmosphere of acceptance and caring, which encourages sharing, creativity, and respect for themselves and others.

Goals and Objectives

These goals are incorporated into our lesson plans:

  • Promote a positive learning environment in which children can develop creativity, communication skills, physical coordination, cognitive and motor skills, and visual and auditory discrimination.
  • Individualize learning for each child to help them reach the next level in their educational journey.
  • Encourage each child to play and work well independently and in groups.
  • Foster self-reliance in the child and focus on socially acceptable behaviors.
  • Establish a lifelong love of learning.

Our curriculum utilizes the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CTELDS) as a reference to help provide our students the tools needed to become competent lifelong learners.

With God at our center and parents as our partners, we will nurture the total child emotionally, physically, and spiritually!

Class Offerings as of January 2018

3 Year Old Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

4 Year Old Class meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM with an optional extended day until 1:00 on Fridays.

4 & 5 Year Old Afternoon Pre-K meets each weekday (Mon-Fri.) from 12:15 PM to 2:45 PM  (The Pre-K class is designed for students with late-in-the-year birthdays or children not quite ready for the rigors of Kindergarten: however a three afternoon a week option is available.)

Classes start in September (the week of Labor Day) and end the second week in June, winter weather permitting.

Our Daily Schedule

Students Arrive – We begin with free play at our centers – blocks, dress-up, manipulatives, puzzles – and have fun with our friends.

Circle Time – We discuss our day’s activities and learn about the weather, the calendar, and how to take turns with the teacher and friends.

Small Group Time – We divide into smaller groups for creative arts and learning activities.  This may include music and movement, math and science games, or a literacy project.

Snack Time – Following reciting our table grace, we enjoy a snack brought from home.

Story Time – Reading with our teachers and our friends.

Gross Motor or Outside Play – We play on the playground (even in the snow!) or do group games or have an obstacle course inside. Moving is fun!

Dismissal – Our day went by so quickly!

We would love to answer any questions you may have or schedule a tour of our facility! Please call (860)628-6007 or e-mail .