Ministry Opportunities

Per the Governor’s Executive Order, the church needs to be closed to activities until at least May 20th


Please email or 
call the church at 860-628-5759 if you need anything.
The voicemail and email will be checked. Thank you


Each Sunday during the Prayers of Intercession, we will be praying for families from the Zion community. We will start on May 3rd and go alphabetically. Sometimes computer databases can be funny things. So, please, if we missed your name, please contact the office. ( or 860-628-5759)


Southington Community Services is requesting the following:

juice boxes, children’s snacks, mac & cheese CUPS, canned vegetables, canned tuna/chicken, canned soups, canned fruit, ramen noodles, cereal and personal hygiene items (shampoo, toothpaste, etc.) Please DO NOT make a special trip to the grocery store, but if you are there and can pick up a few items for the food pantry, it would be appreciated.  *Items can be dropped off in the Blue Recycling Bin by the front doors Monday – Thursday and we will bring them into the church and deliver them to Community Services weekly.
*Please do not come into the church to drop off donations as we must adhere to the Governor’s order to keep our doors closed. THANK YOU! 


ZOOM Bible Study! We have had Zoom Coffee Hour, Zoom Worship, and a Zoom Talent Show. I think it is time for Zoom Bible Study. Maybe a one-session lesson first. If all goes well, we could do a series.

Are you interested? What works best for you? Weeknights? Week days? Weekends? Let me know ( and we will see what we can do. – Pastor Jeff


Are you bored and looking for a great excuse to get out of the house for a few hours?  Well, this is a dream come true!   Lois and Pat have been busy weeding around the church grounds and would LOVE YOUR HELP! So, we are offering you a fantastic opportunity to get out, maintain social distancing while at the same time help to beautify our church. Come by yourself for some ‘ME’ time, or bring your entire family.  It’s your choice. (Just remember to social distance if anyone else is around.)  All they ask is that you bring your own weeding tools. And since this is a Lois project, it would not be complete without a sign; so Lois will probably be making a list and hanging it on the front door so you can claim your area. (As you can see from the picture, Pat has already claimed the job of leaning on the rake, so you will have to claim another job.)

submitted by John Miller


Thank you to everyone who has signed up for ‘Online Giving’ through our website or has been mailing in their offering!  We have had a bunch of new accounts set up in just the last week! Someone even mentioned today that they love the online giving because they get “points” on their credit card. Giving online can be set up as a one-time gift, ongoing weekly, or monthly giving,  and it can be changed at any time. It’s easy to set up and if you need help, call the office and we will assist you. Click Here for the link:  Zion Lutheran Online Giving.  or if you choose not to do online giving, please continue to mail your gifts to Zion at 531 Woodruff Street, Southington, CT 06468. Thanks for remembering whether people are coming into the church or not, we are still doing ministry in new and different ways.


‘First Communion’ has been postponed due to our current situation and the Governor’s executive orders.  We look forward to celebrating our 4th grader’s First Communion at a date convenient for all involved.  Letters and emails have sent to families and we will announce the new date as soon as it as been determined.


‘Affirmation of Baptism’ for our current 8th grade class has been postponed until October 25, 2020.  Due to our current situation it is necessary to move the date; Pastor Jeff and the Council have decided that Reformation Sunday would be the perfect time.  Families of those involved should have received an email and letter detailing this information.  If you did not receive it, please let the office know as soon as possible.  We look forward to celebrating Confirmation with the entire Zion community when it is safe to do so.

Audio Books Wanted! Does anyone own a book on CD or a book on tape that they can lend? Do you have a tape player or CD player you can share? We know that most audio books can be downloaded from apps or websites these days,  yet some who don’t have access to smartphone capabilities can not utilize these methods. Libraries are not open right now so we were hoping that we might find some among our Zion friends. If so, please respond to this email or call Christine in the church office (860-628-5759) to see how we might be able to share these resources with some older members of our congregation.  THANK YOU!


Do you follow our Facebook page? It is another way to see what we are doing and to keep in touch with people in the Zion community.  Click HERE for the link.


Prayer List: Our newsletter “The Light” will be mailed this week and on the third page is our monthly prayer list. Please let us know if it needs to be updated in any way (by adding someone or removing someone.)  Thank you!

Also, if you would like the weekly prayer list, please call the office at 860-628-5759 or email and we will be happy to send it to you.


Our Shepherds continue to be busy contacting their ‘flocks’ on a weekly basis.  Our goal is for everyone in the congregation to receive a call from a shepherd and have someone to contact should they need help.  We are here to listen and provide help in any way that we can.  If you have not had someone call you yet or if you prefer not to be on our list of people to call, please let us know.  You can contact the office at  or Pastor  at Praying you are all safe and healthy.

CLICK HERE for May 3, 2020 Taking Faith Home insert
The Week Ahead 5/3-10
*See “YELLOW” email blast w/ instructions for all “VIRTUAL” Opportunities                                 
Sunday, May 3           8:00AM Look for email blast for worship
   Fourth Sunday of Easter
11:30AM VIRTUAL Fellowship / Coffee Hour
 6:30PM VIRTUAL “Start our week together”
Monday, May 4          7:00PM VIRTUAL Dessert with Pastor Jeff 
Thursday, May 7        2:00PM VIRTUAL Coffee w/ Pastor
Save the Date
TBD              Pastor Jeff Installation