Ministry Opportunities
Per the President’s Executive Order, the church needs to be closed to activities until April 30th.
Please email or
call the church at 860-628-5759 if you need anything.
The voicemail and email will be checked.
Thank you
THIS SUNDAY is Palm Sunday.
Here are some ways that you can celebrate Palm Sunday 
and help us be connected as people of God
even in the midst of physical distancing.
1.CLICK HERE for a pattern of a Palm leaf that children (of any age) can color and cut out.

2. As a family, you can decorate a door or window with the palm leaf above or any green branch.  CLICK HERE

 to see more.
3. We will have palms set out by the front door of the church. They are there to pick up, if you choose. However, please do not feel that you need to. The two options above work just fine.
*If you do want to pick up a palm at church, please do not make a special trip. Please combine it with a trip that you were already planning to take (like the grocery store). Please note: the church will be closed and locked.
Please remember…Whether people are at worship or not, we still have expenses. Please mail your gifts to Zion at 531 Woodruff Street, Southington, CT 06468 OR  donate through the website (click on this link)  Zion Lutheran Online Giving.  You can set up automatic giving or do a one time donation.
Changes to our Lenten Season ‘Good Deeds’! Lent is a time to reflect on how we can be better and as Lent began we started talking about ‘Good Deeds’ in Sunday School. The students had begun a ‘Good Deeds Cross’ in the Gathering Place. There are small hearts included on the side for you to add ‘Good Deeds’ that you have seen or done during the Lenten season. Since we will not have worship services or Sunday School for at least these next few weeks, we encourage you and your children to continue to do those “Good Deeds” and let us know about them!
Email Ali at or put something in the mail and we will complete a heart for you and put it on the wall!
CLICK HERE for April 5, 2020 Taking Faith Home insert
Southington Social Services is requesting the following: 
juice boxes, children’s snacks, mac & cheese, canned vegetables, canned soups, canned fruit and cereal. Please DO NOT make a special trip to the grocery store, but if you are there and would like to pick up a few items for the food pantry, it would be appreciated.  *Items can be dropped off in the Blue Recycling Bin by the front doors Monday – Thursday and we will bring them into the church and deliver them to Social Services weekly.
Please do not come into the church to drop off donations as we must adhere to the Governor’s order to keep our doors closed. THANK YOU!

Shepherds and Flocks: To draw closer as a community and take care of each other we have enlisted the help of parishioners to check-in with people and give that human connection we are all craving these days. We will be dividing the congregation into small groups (flocks) that can check on each other while we are staying at home. Many people have volunteered but we could use a couple more shepherds. (We’d ask that these people (shepherds) be willing to check-in with a phone call to about 6-8 households weekly.) If you are interested in finding out more,or becoming a ‘Shepherd’ please contact Pastor Jeff at

From Bishop Hazelwood: “I need a photo of you, your household, your pets, or your friends. It can be somber or serious, goofy or a gag. Send it to me at On Sunday, April 19, as a part of the intro for an online video message I’ll be delivering, I’m asking people from all over New England and beyond to submit one photo. I’ll then assemble a slideshow set to music. We may not be able to be together but we can get a glimpse of all of us worshiping together on that day.”
Pastor Jeff Stalley’s Installation has been postponed until Sunday, May 17th. Details will be available in the coming weeks as the developing COVID-19 situation evolves.  We are excited to have Pastor Jeff with us and look forward to celebrating when quarantine requirements and social distancing recommendations are lifted.
The Week Ahead 4/5-11
*See “YELLOW” email blast w/ instructions for all “VIRTUAL” Opportunities                                 
Sunday, April 5         10:15AM Look for email blast of
  Palm Sunday / Passion Sunday- WORSHIP
11:30AM VIRTUAL Palm Sunday Coffee Hour

7:00PM  VIRTUAL Check-in for the week

Monday, April 6        7:00PM VIRTUAL Dessert with Pastor Jeff   


Thursday, April 9    2:00PM  VIRTUAL  Coffee House w/ Pastor Jeff

                               Maundy Thursday VIRTUAL Worship
Friday, April 10        Good Friday VIRTUAL Worship
Save the Date
Sunday, April 19         6:00PM Virtual Dinner and a Show
                                                  Zion Talent Show
Tuesday, April 21        6:30PM Council via ZOOM
Sunday, May 17          4:00PM Pastor Jeff Installation