The movers brought everything to the parsonage (to be called ‘Boxville’ for the next chunk of time) on Saturday. Pastor is living now  there full time.

Per the Governor’s executive order, the church needs to be closed to activities until April 23rd. Please email or call the church or Pastor Jeff if you need anything. The voicemail and email will be checked.

We have a handful of people who said they would be shepherds to small groups.  If you would be willing to help check in on a group of 4-6 people/families or have questions about what it means to be a shepherd, please contact Pastor Jeff at

Sunday’s “service” was emailed to you yesterday. We had 64 views in the first four hours! Music was recorded for March 29th and we will try to send that service out on Sunday morning. The Synod Worship Team is working on Holy Week Resources; stay tuned.

Pastor is working on doing the Lent Midweek via Zoom. He’s also going to try something like “Coffee with Pastor Jeff” so people can chat… at a coffee shop, but only at home.  Look for an email that gives Zoom links if you would like to participate.

We are a community and we are looking for ways we can continue to be a community while apart. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated; please let us know!

You will continue to get more than the usual amount of emails from us. We are trying to keep us together as a community in the age of social distancing.

If you need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also follow the church Facebook page to see updates and news .

Until the next email;
Be well,
John Miller and Pastor Jeff