Dear Community of Zion,

The Council met last night in the Gathering Place to discuss the next steps to be taken beyond those taken earlier this week. As everyone knows, we are dealing with a very fluid situation and the rules are changing minute by minute.

In our last email we announced our plans for this upcoming Sunday. Those plans remain the same. However, we are exploring different options in both format and technology to stay in contact and deliver a weekly message going forward. Stay tuned.

Another item on our agenda last night was to develop a system to reach out to all of our members in the coming days and find out how they are doing.  You may be asked to help out in this effort or be asked to help out a member in need if you are able.  We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Last night was our last in person meeting for the time being.  The council will remain in contact with each other via email, text, teleconferencing and video conferencing.  Our committees will continue meeting utilizing the same tools.

Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are all important dates on our church calendar.  We are still hopeful that we can celebrate together during these times.  As these dates approach we will let you know our plans.

Over the next couple of days, Pastor Stalley and Debbie will be moving completely out of their current home and into the Parsonage.  They accelerated their move in date based on all that is happening around us.  While that will take much of Pastor’s time, he is available by email and text.

One last request for now.  If you have a tripod that we could use for videoing our Sunday worship, we would love to borrow it.  Please let us know.

There are many other items we will need to address in the coming weeks and we will keep everyone in the loop as decisions are being made.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to Pastor or me during this time with any suggestions, questions or concerns.

Until our next message….(and you know there will be more)

John Miller and Pastor Stalley