High School & Middle School Youth Groups will join together this Sunday (12/23) from 11:30AM-1:00PM for our annual Christmas Shindig!

First we will decorate the Christmas tree, as well as ready the sanctuary for Christmas Eve worship.

After that we will have our 2nd annual Yankee Swap (description below.)

Please join us for this wonderful Zion tradition!


How toYankee Swap

  • All participants bring a wrapped gift.
  • The gift can be brought from home or bought
  • If bought, gift should not exceed $15
  •   If brought from home, check with your parents to make sure gift is “give-able” (i.e. you won’t get in trouble for giving it away)
  • The uglier & funnier the gift, the better
  • All gifts are put into a pile in the center of the room
  •   All participants draw a number (if there are 20 participants, then there will be 20 numbers)
  • Participants choose and open gifts in order of numbers drawn.
  • Upon opening a gift, you can either keep what you open or “yankeeswap” it for a gift previously opened.
  • A gift may only be  “YankeeSwapped” 2 times before it is retired, at which point it can no longer be taken.
  •   The person who draws #1 gets the last pick at the end of the game.