December 17th our Youth Groups will join together to prepare the large Christmas tree in the Gathering Place, and also have our Christmas party.
A highlight of this party will be “Yankee Swap” you’ll find the rules for the swap below.
Our time together will run concurrently with the Cookie Walk, and will end at 6:15 to make sure all have time to attended Bells & Blessings.
I look forward to having our Youth Groups join together for this fun & festive occasion.

Rules of “Yankee Swap

•    All participants bring a wrapped gift.

•    The gift can be brought from home or bought

•    If bought, gift should not exceed $15

•    If brought from home, check with your parents to make sure gift is “give-able” (i.e. you won’t get in trouble for giving it away)

•    The uglier & funnier the gift, the better

•    All gifts are put into a pile in the center of the room

•    All participants draw a number (if there are 20 participants, then there will be 20 numbers)

•    Participants choose and open gifts in order of numbers drawn.

•    Upon opening a gift, you can either keep what you open or “yankee swap” it for a gift previously opened.

•    A gift may only be  “Yankee Swapped” 2 times before it is retired, at which point it can no longer be taken.

•    The person who draws #1 gets the last pick at the end of the game.